Keeping Eye Health in Focus with Olympian
Gail Devers

Gail Devers is a world-renowned track star and 3-time Olympic gold medalist who has been living with Graves’ disease and symptoms of Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) for more than 30 years. After a harrowing two-and-a-half-year quest for answers, Gail was diagnosed with Graves’ disease in 1990, just two years before winning her first Olympic gold. Her journey back to the track was nothing short of remarkable as she struggled with near career-ending symptoms, including extreme weight loss, tiredness and insomnia. During this time, Gail also experienced eye symptoms including eye pain, bulging eyes and light sensitivity, but was never told that these eye symptoms could actually be a separate, but related, disease called Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). That’s why Gail is helping educate others living with Graves’ to focus on their eye health, so they can get the specialized care they need.

Watch the video to hear her inspiring story and listen to her podcast interview here on the recently launched Listen to Your Eyes podcast.

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