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Graves’ Disease Treatment

There are 3 ways Graves’ disease can be treated, including medicine and surgery

Radioactive iodine therapy icon

Radioactive iodine

Treatment with radioactive iodine, also called radioiodine, is the most common treatment for Graves’ disease. This treatment is a capsule or liquid that works by destroying overactive thyroid cells over time.

However, radioiodine treatment may put you at greater risk for developing Thyroid Eye Disease (TED). Have you been treated with radioiodine? Find out your risk of developing TED.

Antithyroid medications icon

Antithyroid medicines

Antithyroid medicines slow down how much thyroid hormone your body makes, but may not have lasting results.

Thyroidectomy icon

Surgery (Thyroidectomy)

Thyroidectomy, or the complete or partial removal of the thyroid gland, is the least common form of Graves’ disease treatment. It is usually reserved for people with very enlarged thyroids, also known as a goiter, or pregnant women who haven’t reacted well to antithyroid medicines.