Thyroid Eye Disease Risk Factors

What factors could be linked to Thyroid Eye Disease?

It’s not known why some people develop Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) and others don’t. But there are some factors that may make a person more likely to develop the condition.

Hyperthyroidism in women and men and TED risks


Women are 5 times more likely than men to develop TED.

Radioactive iodine and Graves Disease relation to TED

Radioactive Iodine

Radioactive iodine, a medicine used to treat Graves’ disease, can increase the chances of getting TED and can make TED worse.

Graves’ Disease and its relationship to TED risks

Thyroid Problems

Thyroid problems such as Graves’ disease are known risk factors for TED.

TED hyperthyroidism and age


TED occurs most often between ages 40 to 49 years and 60 to 69 years.

Family History, TED risks, and Graves’ Disease Genetics

Family History

Thyroid conditions often run in families. If a family member develops a condition that affects his or her thyroid, you may be at a greater risk for developing one.

Smoking and Thyroid Eye Disease risk


People who smoke are up to 8 times more likely to develop TED. In addition, smoking can also make the disease more severe and may make treatment less effective.

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